Balloon Gas – Helium Hire
We are stockists of Air Products Balloonium helium gas

Gas can be collected from our Folkdean premises at Lydney, Monday to Friday or if your prefer we can arrange for you to collect from your local Air Products agent.

Alternatively we can arrange to have the cylinder delivered direct to your mainland UK address and then the empty collected a week later.

Please allow us 3 – 4 days to organize remote gas deliveries.

PLEASE PHONE US ON: 01594 841545 (for a quotation or to order helium gas)


Inhaling Helium gas is Dangerous and can cause dizziness, vomiting and DEATH. Always ensure that helium cylinders are in the charge of a responsible adult who has been given safety advice.Folkdean Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury following the misuse of balloons or gas equipment.